Welcome to the website of the Bambui Kingdom. Located in the North West Region of Cameroon, Bambui is the administrative headquarters of Tubah sub-Division. Popularly known to the natives as abeh-mbeuh, this tropical African kingdom is a jewel in the crown of the grassfields of Cameroon and, indeed, a place to be for anyone that wants to have a good flavour of African life. With its lush, rolling, and fertile plains, a mild tropical climate, and an extremely industrious farming community, Bambui is the bread basket of the North West Region in particular and of Cameroon in general.

Lying snug in the immense arms of the Sabga hill, Bambui is neatly enfolded between Sabga and the undulating foothills that separate the kingdom with its neighbours–virtually in the shape of a bowl. It is located at the cross-roads that lead to some of the region’s major towns of Bamenda, Ndop, Kumbo, Fundong, and Nkambe.

With its strategic location, excellent road infrastructure, and a galaxy of educational and religious institutions, Bambui is metamorphosing into a metropolis, but without compromising its cultural identity.

Culturally and administratively, Bambui has remained a kingdom in its own right. Ruled by a Paramount King, it is made up of the sub-chiefdoms of Manju, Mallam, Matula-ah, Fingeh, and Ala-akubeh. It is also a powerhouse for indigenous African healing. In fact, the culture, touristic sites, and diversity of the people account for the beauty and charm of the Kingdom. We invite you to discover the beauty of Bambui and the power of its people through this website. Welcome to the land flowing with milk.

Princes and their sons did not and still do not participate in any institutions of power such as the Kwifor. However, they have their own association, which is known as “Tekeuh.” Until recently, the King’s palace was always built on a hill. The very first palace of the Kingdom, for example, was built at Matullah, a hilly neighborhood in the centre of the Kingdom. This was purely for security reason. The belief was that with the palace on a hill, enemies coming to the Kingdom could be seen from afar and attacked easily. However, with the modernization of warfare and the relatively peaceful co-existence of communities, things have changed. All told, the Bambui Kingdom is a reflection of similar Tikar Kingdoms of the Bamenda Grassfields of Cameroon.