BACUDA, the Bambui Cultural and Development Association is the single and most important institution that is at the front and centre of all development efforts in Bambui. Created over three decades ago in the then Victoria town (now Limbe) by a group of good intentioned and development inspired Bambui youths, BACUDA has become a power house and a force to reckon with in the Fondom. As a cultural and development association, BACUDA has worked hard, albeit unsuccessfully in some cases, to have the powers that be in the Kingdom to reform those cultural beliefs and customs that impede development. At the same time, the association has also worked to promote the tradition and culture of the Kingdom. Other development agencies within the Kingdom include the Bambui Village Council, (BVC) and Bambui Water Authority (BAWA) whose main responsibilities are to manage and oversee the very successful Bambui Water Project, including the sourcing funding for new and innovative ways of managing and sustaining the water supply which is an envy to the Kingdom’s neighbours. As a development driven and culture promotion association, BACUDA together with its women’s’ wing (BAWOCUDA), BVC, BAWA and partner associations in the diaspora such as Bambui UK Development Association (BUKDA), Bambui Community Cultural Organisation (BACCO-USA), BACUDA South Africa and any recently created community of Bambui sons and daughters in mainland Europe and the United Arab Emirates are the main bodies that are authorized to solicit and fundraise for development activities in the Fondom.

It is thanks to their well-defined, collaborated mission and arrangement that BACUDA and these sister development organs have been able to work successfully with a number of international organizations as well as international non-profits to construct pipe borne water in the Fondom. With these sister organisations in the United Kingdom (BUKDA), the USA, (BACCO-USA), South Africa and now mainland Europe the hope is that these branches will give more energy and impulse to the mother association in both its development as well as culture promotion efforts. In the Fondom as well as in the diaspora, BACUDA acts as a unifying tool for bringing together the sons and daughters of Bambui. During its yearly meetings, new development projects for the Fondom are mapped out and funds are also raised towards their realization. Also, it is during these meetings that the executive body of the association is elected. More often than not, the meetings often conclude with a cultural extravaganza.